DanWalt Gardens is Billings’ Best Kept Secret!

Bursting with colors and resplendent displays of opulent flowering annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees, the DanWalt Gardens delights around every turn and is a visitor attraction for everyone.

The Garden’s stunning and tranquil space amidst statuaries and water features also makes it an ideal venue for classy and romantic weddings. Our Pavilion is perfect for intimate wedding receptions, private parties and corporate events.

Secluded by nature but conveniently located near hotels, restaurants and downtown Billings, the Gardens is easily accessible by locals and out-of-town visitors.

Be sure to visit the Gardens throughout the seasons to see spectacular ever-changing flowers – there is always something blooming in the Gardens!

This place is excellent for Billings. It is a hidden gem on the South Side that I recommend everyone to check out. The owners are very kind and will give you great information on everything there. They have awesome roosters walking around, too!

Ian, visitor

You guys were seriously the most amazing people to work with. We had a blast!

Jessica H, bride